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Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe stands for an ocean inspired lifestyle. We love to share with you the feeling of freedom and infinity while you ride the waves with joy. We love to show you how surfing & yoga can inspire the way how you live your daily life. But this philosophy can only be embodied if you feel safe and confident on your surfboard in the water. Therefore theory and safety is always an important part of our surf lessons. While these crazy times of covid-19 lockdown we want to share with you some important theory for beginners but also intermediate and advanced surfers on this blog, on our facebook profile and instagram page. Follow us to not miss a lesson!

Basic surf theory for beginners

You want to learn how to surf? Or you already had some classes and would like to review the basics before your next surf trip? Surfing is not the easiest thing to learn. For sure you will make the best progress with a professional and experienced surf instructor within a small group. Nevertheless it is helpful to study some basic rules and keep them in your mind. So today we would like to start with some basic surf theory for beginners:

1. Get the right board and equipment

Before you go into the water it is important to choose the right board. Softboards are the choice for beginners. Quality foam surfboards range from 6′ to 9′ sizes. An average adult should get into surfing with an 8′ or 9′, while a child can learn with a 6′. The bigger the board, the faster you will be enjoying the pleasures of wave riding as a bigger board will give you more stability. Always put a leash on as it will help you to stay always connected to your surfboard. Moreover it will prevent your surfboard from hitting and injuring other surfers or swimmers. Whenever you try to swim out but a big wave is coming you have to leave your surfboard behind and submerge your body as deep as you can under the water. When the wave is gone your board will still be close to you and you can catch it easily again.

2. Before you go to the water

Make sure that you apply waterproof sunscreen and that you warm up your body before the surf session. Stretching helps to protect you from injuries. Yoga classes are a good preparation and also a great counter to surfing thats why yoga and surfing are a real dream team. It is also important to observe the spot to find out about the conditions before you enter the water. Look for rocks, observe the current and wind, become aware of swimmers and other surfers.

3. Learn in the whitewater

The whitewater of a beach break is the safe space where you can learn to find your balance on the surfboard. Choose a beach break without rocks.

4. Safety in the water

There are some rules for a successful surf start and your safety while you are in the water:
1. Never surf alone. Always join a friend or a surf school.
2. Make your debut in small wave conditions.
3. Keep away from other surfers and swimmers.
4. Avoid pearling (nose dive) or bogging.
5. Need to bail out? Jump away from your board and protect your head with your arms.
6. Sit on the surfboard to observe the incoming waves.
7. When you are ready lie on the surfboard well centered and balanced.
8. Keep your legs together with your feet out of the water.
9. Paddle steadily and rhythmically, with chest up and lower back arched.
10. When the wave picks you from behind, pop up quickly, keeping your feet spread shoulder-width apart.
11. Bend your knees to absorb shocks.

5. Stay motivated

Start by catching 20 white water waves, and later move to small roller waves. Remember wipeouts are part oft he game. Whenever you feel tired, ride back to the beach in prone position.
When you start to surf especially paddling on your own, standing up (pop up) and the correct position on your board are challenging but on the other side very important to learn. We will have a closer look at the technics the next days on our social media channels. Stay tuned!

Dare to dream

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