Be a Yogi Surfer

How to share the waves and respect other surfers

Surfing rules are important for ensuring the safety of surfers and other beachgoers, as well as for promoting etiquette and respect in the surfing community.

Here are some common surfing rules:

1. Respect other surfers: Treat everyone in the water in a respectful and civilized way.

2. Stay in control: Always surf within your ability and stay in control of your board. Avoid reckless behaviour that could endanger yourself or others.

3. Don’t drop in: In simple terms, this means you should ‘give way’ and not take off if there is already another surfer on the wave. The surfer who is closest to the breaking part of the wave (the peak) has right of way, so let them continue their ride without you getting in the way.

4. Choose your route to avoid getting in the way: You should always let the surfer on the wave enjoy their ride. So when you’re paddling back out to peak make sure to paddle wide enough to not get in the path of the surfer.

Be a Yogi Surfer

5. Watch out for others: Keep an eye out for other surfers and swimmers in the water. Avoid collisions and give others plenty of space.

6. Know the surfing area: Familiarize yourself with the local surf breaks, currents, and hazards. Observe any signs or flags posted at the beach and obey any warnings from lifeguards.

7. Respect the environment: Leave no trace and respect the natural environment. Avoid littering and use eco-friendly products.

8. Use proper equipment: Make sure your surfboard and other equipment are in good condition and appropriate for your skill level and the conditions.

9. Wear a leash: Always wear a leash to keep your board attached to you. This will prevent it from hitting others in the water and getting lost.

10. Respect the Locals: Keep in mind that the locals surf the spot every day. Give respect and behave while visiting a spot, keep things friendly.

11. Sharing is caring: Even if your are in priority, share the waves with the other surfers.

Remember, these are just some general guidelines for surfing. Always use common sense and good judgment, and be respectful of others in the water.

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Be a Yogi Surfer