Embody The Blue Mind

Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe by Banana Surf Morocco. Blue Mind describes the state of water associated peace. A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peace, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment.

But why does being near the water set our minds free and bring ease into our body? Why are we drawn to the ocean? The marine biologist W. J. Nichols gives answers in his book „blue mind“. Grounded in cutting-edge studies in neurobiology, cognitive psychology, economics, and medicine he describes the remarkable truth about the benefits of being in, on, under, or simply near the water:

Experience the healing vibes at our new Surf & Yoga Home by the Ocean

Water relaxes the mind and triggers calmness. It brings us naturally in a meditative state.
Water activates new neutral connections which support our creativity and ability to dream.
It changes our perception and remembers us about our own unity but also about the connection to everyhting that exists in this universe.

But anyway we don’t need studies to find out that water makes us happier and lets us feel more connected. We are pretty sure that you experienced it already.

Whenever we are on our surfboards or we practice yoga facing the ocean we are filled with Peace, Joy, Oneness, Connection, Gratitude, Flow, Serenity, Love, Ease, Limitless, Strength, Freedom, Creativity, …

… and this is what we want to share with you during your stay at our Surf & Yoga Home by the Ocean!

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