Let’s create a unique Yoga & Surf Retreat together!

YOGA TEACHERS: Let’s create a unique Yoga & Surf Retreat together!

Plan your Yoga Retreat in Morocco with Blue Mind Surf & Yoga Tribe! You are a yogateacher and love to bring your yogis out of daily bussiness to let the practice sink deeper? Or you are dreaming of organising the first Retreat for your yogis but you are a bit overwhelmed by the question how to compile it harmonically and successfully? We are here to support you! We have great expertise in the creation of magical group experiences and know how to serve you and your group best as your Retreat-hosts.

Organise a Yoga Retreat in Morocco
Being away from home, meeting people from across the globe, making new friends, experiencing a different culture and seeing the world through a new perspective make us more humble and open to look through all social and personal conditionings and to receive the teachings deeply. In Morocco you experience a raw beautiful landscape and great hospitality along the locals, you live close to the ocean and therefore in the rhythm of nature. The ocean inspired lifestyle of the surfers learns us to calm-down and instead of overplaning to listen and to be in the moment. Moroccans show that there is not much we need to linger in our inner happy place: warm sunshine and nice waves to surf all year long, delightful meals, sweet siestas and always a smile on the lips as well as taking the time for a little chat.

According where you are located in the world the only „downside“ is that you most probably have to take everyone travel by plane to Morocco for this unique gateway. Nevertheless we believe that a life without leaving some footsteps is not possible but we are working hard to make at least our neigboorhood a better place with your help. We have great visions for a bright future: reducing the waste of plastic in our community and starting to spread this awareness along more and more locals. As much as we can we shop organically for our meals. Our plan is to have our own garden to plant organic vegetables in the future. There are already some charity projects which we trust and if you feel you want to give something back to the country as a kind of compensation for the impact of travelling on the planet we are happy to introduce you!

Yoga & Surfing benefits
Yoga & Surfing are real soulmates! One as the other teaches us to slow-down and to be more receptive. Both lead us into a kind of moving meditation which brings us in a state of flow in which our unbroken awareness is directed to our breath and movement and to the present moment. Yoga & Surfing let us feel one with nature and both are even more powerful practiced together. On a bodily level yoga is a great preparation and at the same time a great counter to the surfing. On a mental level surfing brings us out of our comfort zone just as yoga does and we all know « that is where the magic will happen ».

Sandra & Khalid your experienced hosts
Sandra is teaching more than 10 years yoga and led countless Yoga Retreats in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and India. By her own experience she knows about the equipment and service a Retreat leader needs to have a magnific experience with his group. We are aware to keep daily organisation far away from you so that you can fully concentrate on teaching, serving your group and connecting deeper with your yogis. In our new surf & yoga villa we offer two spaces and you can choose to teach under the sky on our beautiful rooftop with 180 degrees panorama view along the coast and its surfspots or you can be protected from the elements in our indoor shala which still has a glas front to the ocean. We are eqipped fully for 20 yogis with high class mats, straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets by Manduka. We are open to discuss your needs according to food and leisure activities. We allow only one retreat at a time to give you our full attention. Our booking conditions are more than fair and if you are a bit structured and keeping the overview of certain cancelation deadlines there is no risk that you have to pay for more rooms and participants than you are filling.

Khalid was born and raised in the area and he has been surfing since early age. He is an experienced surfer, surf instructor and rescue swimmer who will make sure you have a safe stay in the water but also on the land as he knows all the good places to be and he is happy to show you and your group his beloved mothercountry.

Your Retreat Center for big and small groups

We are not looking for famous teachers or to create a fancy place to show off. We are looking for devoted yogis, lovers of life, people who care about other humans, animals, and the nature. We are building a home for yogis and surfers and we are looking for people who fill our place with life, love and good vibes. Our Retreat offers start for groups of 8 students. We have 11 rooms, most of them double as well as one bigger room for families or friends with one double and two single beds. Single rooms are available on request. For bigger groups of 30-50 people we can even offer a shared practice space but host the participants in different accommodations nearby.

Sounds interesting? We have very special soft opening deals for all retreats which will take place till 31st of December 2020. Contact us now for more information and to save your unique Retreat at our new surf & yoga villa in Tamraght!